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Date: 7/5/2012 8:00 AM PDT

Loren Ridinger shared some really valuable tips about hiring the right assistant as we continue to grow and expand our online business. It just makes perfect sense. I know I needed these tips, so I am sharing them with you guys.

When your on the go like me and doing trainings and demos, wedding makeup, bridal parties, charity events , ect.., things can get sloppy and out of hand. I hate being disorganized, especially with my online sales and products. I need someone who knows what I need before I tell them, someone who is proactive and works with integrity, this way I can move forward with my clients and focus on training new makeup artists that are serious about making a difference in this industry and of-course making money!

An assistant should know her value and how crucial her role is in order for her to maintain her position. Not only am I looking to hire an assistant that will handle my schedule with ease each day, but that she learn everything she can from an entrepreneur like myself in order to create an ongoing revenue stream of income.

Being optimistic when working with me and my team is essential. An attitude and spirit that says "yes we can" and a "can do" mind set will make all the difference in daily result producing activities.

Here are the tips Loren Ridinger suggests:
Make sure your assistant has a positive attitude
This person should be highly detailed oriented
Your assistant should be compatible with your lifestyle and work vigor
You want an individual who takes initiative
Look for a person who can be flexible.
You don't want a person who is rigid and can not be molded
You also want someone with a "can do" spirit and is highly organized.

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Posted by Kasia Sajdyk

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