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Date: 7/30/2012 8:30 AM PDT

On the advent of tech lifestyles, we want things that are compact. Time is so valuable that we would not have even a little of it to put on lip line, lip color and lip gloss plus retouch and check all the time. What you want is an all-in-one, long-stay lip color that’s also a lip gloss. Yes, you’ve heard of it or even tried one since there’s a lot around.

However, if you don’t be careful with the ingredients you can be getting rashes and worse, serious side effects. The following are key ingredients and features that lip colors and glosses should have to suit your on-the-go beauty need:
  • Petrolatum – is like lotion to your lips. It acts to lock moisture and keep your lips hydrated all the time so it appears and feels soft and smooth.
  • Beeswax – also known as Cera Alba, beeswax keeps the product’s texture consistent so you get a smooth, even experience in your application all the time.
  • Tocopheryl Acetate – more popularly known as vitamin E, this ingredient shall protect your puckers from environmental factors and for a more youthful appearance in the long run.
The above mentioned ingredients are normally found individually on normal lip products but can be altogether found in mineral-based ones like Motives for Lala Mineral Lip Shine.

Mineral makeup has been created to suit all skin types and give you makeup that will protect and make your skin healthy all at the same time. Mineral lip shines and lip colors come in shade varieties like typical ones.

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Date: 7/23/2012 10:00 AM PDT

Nothing beats natural beauty. And, who says not everyone can have it? Because you can! Thanks to the wonders of mineral makeup. If your skin is from normal to extra sensitive, then you’ll want to use mineral makeup if you don’t want to get out of your house bare on weekends for the groceries, park, and etc.
Mineral makeup is a loose powder type that’s made of all-natural ingredients that won’t harm your skin, making it great for everyday application. Plus, its formula provides an excellent coverage without caking up (which is common in liquid and pressed powder types, ideal for working and going-out days). The following are tips you might find handy on your mineral makeup applications:

  • Just like with any other makeup (even if mineral is a milder formula), always start off with a cleansed face. You don’t want to clog your pores and trigger a breakout so cleanse, tone and moisturize before your application.
  • Know your skin tone. Mineral makeup comes in shades of typical makeup so you are sure to find mineral foundation and powder like Motives Loose Mineral Hydrating Powder to suit your skin’s tone/color. Tip: Instead of checking if the color blends with you, test it on your chin instead of the back of your hand.
  • A specialized or flat-top powder brush works best with mineral makeup. Flat-top powder brushes’ flat heads are ideal for mineral powder applications because it delivers an even distribution. While, you may also opt for specialized brushes that have been made especially for mineral makeup like Motives Empty Mineral Powder Brush which you could refill at any time.

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Date: 7/16/2012 9:00 AM PDT

Women on-the-go wouldn’t want to apply or re-apply lipstick all the time. Apart from having a long-wear lipstick, there’s an easy solution to having your puckers colored longer (which works even with ordinary lipstick). And, here’s the good news: what you need is right inside your makeup bag—powder.


  1. Apply powder (be sure it’s mild, non-allergic) on your bare lips using a thin lip brush.
  2. Put on your lipstick. Opt for creamy ones instead of matte and other formula ones. Creamy lipstick like Motives Rich Formula Lipstick has longer staying power and is easier to apply. Such lipsticks give you an even coat.
  3. Repeat Step 1. Yes, just brush a little powder before you put on another thin coat.
This technique is called layering. The powder works on your lips as foundation and finishing powder does on your face. It holds the color and lets you achieve even, fine-line free lips. Finally, the only thing you can do for lipstick to work well for your lips all the time is to keep it healthy.

Help your puckers get moisturized by drinking lots of water and eating greens and fruits that are water-rich like watermelon, apples, grapes and oranges. Also be sure to have a balm handy so you won’t chap.

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Date: 7/8/2012 8:00 AM PDT

Zits (or pimples) are women’s enemies—they are just so unpredictable, appearing anytime and anywhere in your face. What if you’ve gotten a zit today, you look at your calendar and tomorrow’s a date with your boss or a crush you’ve been dying to hang out with?

It takes time (weeks or months, even) to fully eliminate a zit (pimple). But, it is possible to better its condition by taking these easy steps a night before (if you’re in 911 but better if you make some of it part of your regimen) your big day:

Step #1: Cleanse. You can use your regular cleanser (or a makeup remover) to clear your face of any chemical and accumulated dust. However, it is recommended that you use a cleanser that has Benzoyl Peroxide since it is an ingredient that is easily absorbed through the pores and cleans inside-out.
Step #2: Tone. Pick an oil-free toner to dry up your zit—salicylic acid is a key ingredient you want to look for in a toner. You also ought to check if it has Glycolic Acid since this ingredient weakens the binding properties of dead skin cells and provides extra protection for your skin.
Step #3: Apply a zit-clearing gel or lotion like Timeless Prescription Anti Blemish Lotion. “It pays to check the label” does not just apply to food selection but in formulas you apply on your face and skin, too.

If you’ve got a zit and an oily face, find a moisturizer or face lotion that has salicylic acid, calamine and sulfur. The properties of these ingredients not only bust acne but soothe your skin, too.
Read the reviews, benefits, why we love it & faqs.

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Date: 7/5/2012 8:00 AM PDT

Loren Ridinger shared some really valuable tips about hiring the right assistant as we continue to grow and expand our online business. It just makes perfect sense. I know I needed these tips, so I am sharing them with you guys.

When your on the go like me and doing trainings and demos, wedding makeup, bridal parties, charity events , ect.., things can get sloppy and out of hand. I hate being disorganized, especially with my online sales and products. I need someone who knows what I need before I tell them, someone who is proactive and works with integrity, this way I can move forward with my clients and focus on training new makeup artists that are serious about making a difference in this industry and of-course making money!

An assistant should know her value and how crucial her role is in order for her to maintain her position. Not only am I looking to hire an assistant that will handle my schedule with ease each day, but that she learn everything she can from an entrepreneur like myself in order to create an ongoing revenue stream of income.

Being optimistic when working with me and my team is essential. An attitude and spirit that says "yes we can" and a "can do" mind set will make all the difference in daily result producing activities.

Here are the tips Loren Ridinger suggests:
Make sure your assistant has a positive attitude
This person should be highly detailed oriented
Your assistant should be compatible with your lifestyle and work vigor
You want an individual who takes initiative
Look for a person who can be flexible.
You don't want a person who is rigid and can not be molded
You also want someone with a "can do" spirit and is highly organized.

Become a Motives® Pro Artist Today

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Date: 7/3/2012 3:30 PM PDT

custom palettes for clients by Motives Makeup
When you travel, you know the foundation, powder, lipstick, and etc. to take with you. Deciding on which eye shadow shades to bring and how (or where) to store them is a hassle. Have you experienced your powder eye shadows and compacts scattered in your bag?

If you travel a lot (because you have to, like to or both), you have to own a custom palette for your eye shadows so you can just select which shades to bring (those you will be needing) on your trip and change them back with other shades when you go on another. These custom palettes are fairly cheap and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and shade capacities.

You’ll love Motives Custom Palettes because it’s ultra-slim, magnetic and customizable. It is so compact that it fits in slim purses. What you’ll love about its interior is the large mirror on its interior lid and its 8-color capacity (that you can change and interchange at any time). A mirror inside your palette will really help you in your touch-ups so you dip in the same palette that you use to view your eyes.

Motives Custom Palettes are not just for travel purposes but also for your everyday ventures. You can take it with you for work-days that are followed by party evenings so you can change your eye shadow shade from simple to a sophisticated glam in an instant.

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Date: 6/30/2012 11:08 PM PDT

 Images Courtesy of Beauty XOXO
Yes, you read the header right. On the absence of your favorite eyebrow pencil (or whatever it is you usually use), it is possible to use your brown or black eye shadow (whichever is the same color as your brows or the eyebrow pencil you usually use).

Step #1: Take your eye shadow brush and dip it in your eye shadow color (brown, black or whichever’s your hair color) and gently stroke your brows to define them.
Step #2: Finish off with further definition by using an eyebrow brush.

You have to note that this trick won’t work with liquid-based eye shadows. It works for powder or cream-based ones. And since your eyebrows have hair, you wouldn’t want to irritate its area and have zits forming within so it’s best to use a mild or mineral-based shadow to be sure.
You may want to try Motives for La La Court's Mineral Eye Shadow Palette.

Highlight the inner corner of your eyes

One neat trick when you are learning how to wear bright makeup in the summer is actually highlighting the inner corner of your eyes. Just take a little bit of your brightly colored eyeshadow – try using Motives Pressed Eyeshadow in Mykonos Blue and dot in the inner corner of your eyes. This will draw attention to your eyes and it looks so cool.

Something powerful when learning about applying bright makeup in the summer time. Many women don't know but just highliting the inner corner of your eyes with a bright eueshadow makes all the difference. The fabulous Pressed Eyeshadow in Mykonos Blue by Motives is going to attract massive attention to your eyes, so watch out!

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Date: 6/21/2012 7:39 PM PDT

Nothing beats a sun-kissed look. What if you weren’t able to hit the beach last summer? Or, get an exposure to give you that “glow”? That’s where bronzer comes in. You’ve got to try Motives Pressed Bronzer. The right bronzer, applied properly, can give you that perfect sun-kissed look in 1-2-3 (with or without the summer exposure) with the rule of 3.
You may be wondering what the Rule of 3 is. It’s a stroke you do with make up using a powder brush in a number 3 shape:

Step #1: Brush beginning in your temples,
Step #2: Get down to your cheeks (a bit on your nose, as if you’ve been sun-touched)
Step #3: Daub a little on your chin.

You do the Rule of 3 with bronzer to project a “sun” touched effect. In your face, it’s the temples, cheeks and chin that are shone on by the sun.  Now that you’re all set with how you’re going to achieve that sun-kissed look, it’s time you know how to identify the right kind of bronzer:

  • The right kind of bronzer can give you more than a sun-kissed look all-year round. You can also use it to enhance some of your features by using it as a definer. Motives Pressed Bronzer is compact—easy to carry and apply.
  • The right kind of bronzer also has healthy ingredients. Motives Pressed Bronzer has Vitamins C&E to help maintain your skin’s natural collagen and moisture for a youthful glow. It also has honeysuckle extracts and palmitic acids for further skin protection.
Lastly, you have to remember that bronzers are created as accessories. They aren’t stand alone make-up. Always remember to properly moisturize and apply foundation (or, pressed powder) before adding up bronzer.

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Date: 6/16/2012 7:47 PM PDT

We look so glam after make-up. Do we look the same a few hours later? Nah. Can we? Yes. One of the troubles women on-the-go deal with are smudging eyeliners. We want that eyeliner to stay as we’ve applied it, don’t we? So, here are a few tips for you to achieve that wow-liner look:
  1. Use a lasting, waterproof eyeliner such as Motives Luxe Precision Eye Line with a felt-tip that glides easily and in a quick-dry formula (comes in handy when you’re in a rush)
  2. Apply a primer like Motives Eye Base, esp. if you tend to have oily lids. Its formula works on all skin types (even if you’re sensitive). Natural oils contribute to smudging and creasing your liner.
  3. If your lids are extra oily you can apply loose powder over the base and some eye shadow powder over your eyeliner line before setting your eyeliner (whether it’s pencil, cream or ink you want to use).
  4. Keep in mind that you’ve got to keep your eyeliner as close to the lid as possible so you don’t leave in a gap. Motives Luxe Precision Eye Line glides on easily and has a precise application even with a single stroke.

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