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Hi I'm Kasia Sajdyk, I am a makeup artist, women entrepreneur, wife and mom of three.  I help busy women to feel beautiful, confident and empowered.  Makeup, even simple makeup can help a woman change the way she feels about herself.  If you are looking for a new look, makeup for a party or special occasion or even to learn techniques to highlight your best features then I can help.
As a woman who lived in Poland and moved to United States, I had many obstacles.  Being a young woman, new to the United States who didn't know anyone and had to learn the english language it was tough at times.  I knew that if I wanted to change the way I felt I needed to step out of my comfort zone.  
Soon I started a business with Market America.  Since I had a passion for makeup which I played with my entire life, this seemed to be a great fit.  I became a Makeup Artist and started to grow my Motives makeup.  I then started to incorporate the other products that Market America sells to help support my family.  The products are amazing.
After being in business over 10 years I have an amazing team, have won many awards, I have a flexible schedule and enjoy making money to support my family.  What can be better then buying products for you and your family while making money?  I love being able to help women feel beautiful, confident and empowered.  Mostly, I love helping women change their lives by making money doing what they love to do.


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