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I came to The States, in 2003 from Poland. I always had that American Dream of "Being Wealthy and Happy" and I knew that this country is a land of big opportunities where I could pursue my dreams.

My passion has always been makeup, and I understand the importance of creating beauty from inside out. One day I was invited to a makeup party and my friend mixed a beautiful Custom Blend Foundation for me. She matched the foundation exactly to my skin tone, and I absolutely fell in love with it.

As with most women, It was always hard for me to find the right foundation. Immediately, I knew that Custom Blend Foundation is a product that will satisfy most women's needs. And so, on this day, I decided to become a makeup artist utilizing this amazing makeup line called Motives by Loren Ridinger. As Easy as 1.2.3.


I now specialize in Custom Blended Liquid Foundation/ and Custom Mineral Powders. With our line, we can match any skin tone from the lightest to darkest, covering any red spots or yellow pigments in the skin and making it the perfect palette for the customer. By adding anti-aging botanical s, like pomegranate extracts, sunscreen, oil control and hydrating properties, and firming ingredients, you are certainly in for a treat.

Because I have the clients formula, I am able to refill the foundation, without having to meet with her. She simply lets me know when she is ready, and I can have it ready in a snap. And, If for some reason the foundation is too light or too dark I can easily tweak it without having them buy a new foundation.

It's been a few years since I became a makeup artist. I've done so many makeovers, consultations one on one's, weddings, proms, bat mitzvah's and many more...

I feel so happy that I work with the best makeup line out there and I that I can help my customers to choose the right product. Because of Motives my customers come back to me time and time again, while also referring me to their friends too.

So, You may be asking.............
"What separates Motives from any other company out there?"

Well, it is our product brokerage concept. We don't manufacture any of our products. However, We have signed exclusive contracts with cosmetic manufacturers in the industry. Therefore, our micropulvorized (powders are grounded down to make application smooth and all colors blend together) are produced by one manufacturer.

"This is what has made us such a very high end, yet affordble line."

When a new scientific ingredient is introduced to the market, we can stop the production and get the manufacturer to bring that specific ingredient to us no matter what the product is. How amazing is that?

Because of this concept, We can have a complete line that will satisfy your artistic needs from start to finish. And this line has given me, and my clients everything I could ever ask for. Become a Motives Pro Artist Today Click Here.

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